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I am not religious, but I do honour and love the power of prayer, especially if it comes from the heart and holds the energy of Love, rather than fear. The essence of prayer is super-strong, at least 5,000 times stronger than affirmations and intentions of the mind. Open your heart to prayer, and you'll not only be honouring yourself, but you'll also experience a huge shift in vibration.

Hold prayer in your heart, and experience beautiful shifts in your energy and the energy of those around you ...

A few weeks ago, I was surprise to hear from many of my clients that they did not feel comfortable praying or asking the universe for healing, guidance or wisdom. When I asked why they felt this way, the response went something like 'if I ask, it takes love and energy away from someone more deserving'. This represents both their feelings of distrust and unworthiness around receiving, but also, a misunderstanding around the truth of prayer.

Honestly, I was floored by this ... I see love and energy as inexhaustible, there is enough love for you, for me, for everyone. There simply always will be. Love is who you are, and what you are.

Plus the universe, wants to help us - and enthusiastically encourages us to open our hearts to our desires and allow them to be heard.

There is magic in prayer, as long as it comes from the heart. I enjoy playing with prayer, sitting with intentions and tuning in to energy that magnetises around me, and through me when I pray. One of my favourite ways to to express myself through prayer is by using Sanskrit mantra's. This truly was my first introduction to prayer, and the elixir that it feeds our soul. These prayers are not understood by the mind, but felt in the heart.

Do you know that when you have intentions that come from your heart - your vibration expands at least 5,000 times more than when you put forward affirmations in your mind (Heart Math Institute). Honestly, coming from someone who can see energy clearly, your field of energy begins to bloom and illuminate like the most gorgeous sunset. When you pray for the healing of others, living or passed, the energy of your heart will find the soul of another and weave love into their essence.

Like me, you do not have to be religious to pray. You don't even have to use the word 'pray', if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Think about prayer like a conversation from your heart to your best friend, to yourself, and importantly to your own soul. You are already everything your pray for ... (I'll expand on this topic in another post).

With Love,

Natalie Seigne

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