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Natalie Seigne - Shaman, breathwork, somatic therapy, energy healing, reiki, NSW,

Natalie Seigne

Shaman - Spiritual Teacher - Intutive Healer - Psychic Medium & Breathwork Facilitator

Authentic Spiritual Guidance, Channelled  Wisdom, Soul Readings. Healings & Retreats

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You're invited to
         something truly magical …          

The retreat your soul has been craving.  

Byron Bay Hinterland

4th - 8th April 2023

Hi Beautiful Soul - this is your heartfelt invitation, 


I truly hope that you are well! Beyond well, actually - I hope that you see and feel magic every day, that your soul feels nourished, and that you are claiming your unique magnificence. 


I am excited to share something special with you, something that I have been weaving together for a very long time. It's time to launch and welcome you to Higher Love Retreats. You are warmly welcome to attend these sacred retreats in the Byron Bay, Hinterland. I can't wait to give you a cuddle and welcome you here! 


 I have created Higher Love Retreats for you! These retreats were born from a dream to create deeply transformational, spiritual experiences for those who believe in the power of nature to assist with healing. A time to rest, reflect and rise above overwhelm with renewed joy, inner calm and hope in new beginnings. It's time to have fun again! 


If you're feeling like your Spirit needs a lift, that you're overdue for ‘me time’, and want to deeply connect with your Soul - then this retreat is for you.


More magic

More meaning

More depth

More connection

More ceremony



This is a shamanic, plant spirit retreat crafted with LOVE. If you feel the calling in your heart, if you value the replenishment of nature, sound therapy, beautiful food and deep-diving conversations - then this is for you. If you want to belly laugh, to be fully yourself and loved for all you are - then this is for you! This is where hearts connect. 

Higher Love Retreats are for people who are craving time for self-discovery, rejuvenation and inner healing. If you're looking for something different, if you want to laugh more, play more and create a magical life - this is for you! Remember, the first step is being bold and brave enough to say ‘YES’ to yourself. 


It's for the modern women who gives with her whole heart, feels deeply and is ready to do something wildly nurturing for herself. She knows it's time to focus on herself, to create meaningful change in her life, and experience profound healing and transformation.


Her soul is craving a safe and loving experience devoted to her emotional and spiritual nourishment, wellness and genuine connection. A time when she doesn't have to look after anyone else. She's tired and wants to unapologetically nurture her own heart and receive the love that she deserves. It's time for her to choose HER.
If you've been dreaming of taking time for yourself, to reconnect with your own heart and let go of what you've been carrying - then this retreat has been created for you.  


If it's time for you to embrace your worthiness and get crystal clear on what’s most important, then join us for this powerful spiritual retreat where you’ll connect with amazing women, your wisest self and the healing power of Mother Nature.

Bundjalung Country,  Sacred Land
Boutique Retreat Living
Delicious Organic & Chef Prepared Meals &
Life changing Experiences

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Murwillumbah, NSW

Women's Retreat - Byron Bay

(25 mins from the Gold Coast, Queensland & 50mins from Byron Bay,


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