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Natalie Seigne

Natalie Seigne - Shaman, breathwork, somatic therapy, energy healing, reiki, NSW,

Shaman - Spiritual Teacher - Intutive Healer - Psychic Medium & Breathwork Facilitator

Authentic Spiritual Guidance, Channelled  Wisdom, Soul Readings. Healings & Retreats

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An incredible half day retreat offered to women with wild hearts, who choose to step into 2024 in alignment with their magic and purpose. It's time for you to embark on a transformative journey, curated to reignite your soul's flame. This day retreat is for women who want to feel the joy of a spiritual glow-up. Who desire to create something new and fresh, and aligned to who they truly are, and what they deserve. This is for spiritual seekers are are ready for more fun, more ease and more freedom. This is for women who beat to their own drums and want to live life outside of exhausting boxes. It is for those who are truly ready for energetic shifts (#lifechanging). You can create a life that is overflowing with happiness, love, purpose, and people who are a true match for your vibe. 

My heart's truth is this, I can see that 2024 is going to bring forth INCREDIBLE energy. This is the type of year that we will look back on and say '2024 changed everything for me'. If you are ready to create something truly epic, then you will feel in alignment with this retreat. You will leave this retreat feeling inspired, revived and excited. 

2024 can be your year to truly shine, to glow and put your magic out into the world. To love fiercely, respect all that you are, and stand proudly as the woman you are - self love as it's finest - let's bring in the spiritual sass!  2024 is about women being in their power - this is transformative! This is where you choose YOU! If I'm honest, this retreat is for women who want to throw away the old, tired rules of life. This is for women who are different from the status-quo, and ready to pave their own path. 

Included in your retreat ...

- A half day retreat dedicated to who you are as a woman, and the light within you. 

- Soul-stiring energy release & activations of incredible energy.

- A warm welcome,  nurturing and loving space that embodies safety. 

- Honest, upfront, raw spiritual talk. Infusing your vibe with truth, and no BS spiritual truthbombs to revitalise your spirit. 

- A delicious, organic afternoon tea with the option of gentle plant medicines. 

- Group and individual readings and channelled guidance from both Jess and Nat

- A spiritual retreat that promises not to follow the rules!  

- A spiritual retreat loving crafted with humour, enlightening conversations and deep-dives into energetics, frequencies and alignment.

- Authentic connections and spiritual experiences.


When: 28th January 2024

Where: Fremantle (the address will be emailed to you beforehand)

Cost: $169 p/person 

Time: 1pm - 5pm

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Murwillumbah, NSW

Women's Retreat - Byron Bay

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