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Natalie Seigne

Natalie Seigne - Murwillumbah, Reiki, Energy Healer, Shaman

Reiki Master, Energy Healer,  Shaman & Psychic-Medium
Transformative Spiritual Guidance,  Channelled  Wisdom & Soul Readings

In-person & Online Sessions


"I have been seeing Natalie for years! I am always recommending her services to my friends and family, there is nothing like Nat!  She is very down-to-earth and caring. She has always helped me to see new perspectives and guide me down a path that is truly in alignment with my highest good. You will never regret seeing Natalie, whether that's a session with her, a retreat or a workshop. She is the real deal!

From the heart  - Services
Held in-person / Online                 

Natalie Seigne | NSW | Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Psychic Healer

In-person sessions are held in Murwillumbah, NSW (25mins from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia). Online sessions are held via zoom or skype - these are very clear and very powerful sessions!

All zoom sessions can be recorded at your request for easy reference, providing the opportunity for reflection and further insight. With full transparency, I never felt I would enjoy online as much as in-person, but I was wrong. Online sessions are magic. The energy is clean, clear and very strong.  

All sessions are held within the highest frequencies of energy. You will feel completely safe and supported during your session. All sessions are heart-heart and led by the loving grace of  Source energy. 

Organic aromatherapy oils and ethically sourced crystals are used in all sessions. Optional plant medicines are available upon request. 

Intuitive Soul Session

2 Hours | $250

These sessions are always led by spirit who will provide the perfect soul medicine and guidance for you. I have a strong and unwavering faith in spirit, completely trusting that they will always help, and stand beside us on our souls' journey.  

An intuitive soul session may include a number of different modalities to meet you where you are at. Including energy medicine, channelling spirit guides, higher self and communicating with ancestors. These sessions may include psychic-mediumship, channelling / mediumship, shamanic healing, reiki / theta healing, light language and so much more! Sessions are beautifully woven together.

The only thing you need to do is show up for your session (online or in-person) with an open mind and an open heart. You will recieve the guidance, clarity, direction and energetic transmissions that is the most relevant and loving for you. I often have clients arrive at these sessions with pages of questions, whilst others arrive for their session without any intentions, just an intuitive knowing that they need to attend. Whatever it is that you need, consciously or unconsciously, it will come to light during your session. 

These sessions can be of great benefit if you are seeking healing, if you're seeking clarity, to discover your soul purpose, and to help with your personal alignment. These sessions are full of wisdom, energy transmissions, and spiritual guidance. Sessions can also be beneficial if you're struggling with anxiety, depression, and a feeling of 'stuckness'. If you are trying to break negative patterns and invite loving relationships into your life, an intuitive soul session will provide you with exactly what you need.  Intuitive soul sessions can also be extremely beneficial for trauma healing, to help you understand others and relationship patterns. 

You are reading these words for a reason, and you can trust what has led you here. This is not a coincidence, and I am looking forward to holding space for you. 

Reiki - Energy Healing

1.5 Hours | $180

I am a reiki master and energy healer who is able to see and feel energy, including the auric field, frequencies of light, the chakras, and energy lines in, and around the body. I love channelling reiki (and teaching reiki) and witnessing the energetic and vibrational shifts occurring in the energy system. 

Reiki is a beautiful, white light frequency of energy that soothes, heals and balances energy.  Reiki is a method of channelling very high vibrations of energy to support the chakra system, reconnect to life force, shift heavy energy, clear 'stuck' energy and cleanse the auric field.  Reiki also helps to reinforce boundaries, trust in self and communication. 

Reiki is an energy healing technique that is both gentle and powerful, helping to elevate the suffering of the mind, body and soul. Reiki is a wonderful way of promoting self-love, self-sovereignty and re-alignment. There is no danger in receiving reiki, and no religion associated with it. It is a pure modality of healing that is very safe and loving to the soul.  Reiki re-awakens the soul, expanding consciousness and intuition. 

Reiki is wonderful for people who feel drained, out of balance, unsettled and ungrounded. Reiki is wonderful at creating a sense of calm-strength, inner peace and softness. It is a way that you can support yourself, and your precious energy.   Reiki is a way of coming home to self. Reiki is an energetic transmission held within a safe and sacred container of Angellic energy, filled with love, grace and compassion. 

Reiki will help you if your spirit is craving some rest, rejuvenation and nurturing. Especially after stressful experiences, when your central nervous system needs a little TLC. 

Be kind to yourself and book in today!


Shamanic Healing 

2 Hours | $250

As a Shaman, facilitating shamanic healings fills me with love. During your session you will recieve unwavering support from the universe, from spirit guides, your higher self, and loving beings of light who feel honoured to help you on your journey.  These sessions are tranformational,  and much deeper than energy healing on it's own. Shamanism is very safe, and held within devine light. Shamanic healing is deep soul work, balancing every element of the energy system - very gently, weaving you back to wholeness. 

Shamanic healing is for  you if you are ready to liberate yourself from unhealed past traumas, unhealthy patterns/relationships, lower vibrational energy, past life karma, old wounds, and limiting beliefs held within the mind, body and soul.  These sessions are not of mind, and do not cause re-association into suffering.  Shamanic healing will help you to understand yourself deeply, and connect with the truth of your soul. 


In truth, each session is different, and I never quite know what will come up, but I hold faith that whatever surfaces is for your greatest good and is intended to be cleared so that you can begin to heal.  I use a range of modalities, from connecting to the soul, channeling spirit to help clear stagnant lower vibrational energy, deep somatic trauma release, soul retrievals, connection to the inner child and so much more!

To journey into the shadow is a sacred, courageous, and rewarding act that opens up a direct portal for the soul to come through and provide the answers you are seeking. It is when we work our way through the shadows that we are able to reconnect to the wisdom that lives inside the soul. This wisdom contains your purpose and the codes to help you heal.  

Shamanic healing will help you to re-remember your truth and claim your holy light. They are empowering sessions, restoring the chakra system, expanding awareness, intuition and freedom within. These sessions are booked under the title 'Intuitive Soul Session'.

Soul Reading / Psychic Reading

2 Hours | $250

These sessions are so beautiful! If you are seeking to make meaning of your life, find your purpose and connect with your Soul - then this is for you! These sessions are channelled with so much joy and excitement, we always receive inspirational messages from spirit. These sessions can help you to find your true north, to rekindle your inner magic, and creativity - helping you with direction and path.  These sessions will also help you with energetic blocks and feelings of 'stuckness'.

This is the session to book if you're looking to deepen your connection to yourself and to understand your own 'why'. During this session you will receive a clear reflection of your truth, where I will show you a reflection of your soul (sometimes in other lifetimes too). During these sessions we will connect with your higher self, spirit guides, passed loved one and ancestors. Often during these sessions, we will receive the guidance of  Alignment Guides, these spiritual beings are icy blue in frequency, and often channelled by mediums when they work with the akashic records. These guides are full of humour, and great wisdom. I love bringing them forward for my clients because they are always so warm and inviting.

Mentoring Session

2 Hours | $250

If you are seeking intuitive growth, to explore your spiritual gifts and expand your field of consciousnes with a mentor who truly sees you - then these sessions are for you! 

I love mentoring! And I would love to support you. I will help you to learn more about your gifts, develop your  gifts, trust your gifts and explore the intuitive treasures that you hold within.  I currently mentor people at every stage of their development, their expansion has been HUGE! I love seeing them grow, and put their own unique light out into the world. Whether you're a beginner or advance practitioner, I can help! 

I currently mentor reiki healers, energy intuitives, theta healing practitioners, psychic-mediums and shamans. I also mentor clinical practitioners. Including a number of psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and hypnotherapists.

On my own journey, I yearned for a mentor, without one - it can be a pretty lonely path. Unfortunately for me, I never found a mentor, but now I see this as gift because I understand the importance and significance of having a loving mentor. This is why I stand strongly in this light for others. (Basically, my heartfelt intention is to give people what I didn't recieve). 

Give me the Guidance!

30mins of channelled guidance |  $90

This offering is a little different, providing very quick, rapid-fire guidance straight from your guides. I started providing this service after giving some of my regular clients a free reading, where they were invited to ask up to three questions. I would then tune into Source and very quickly answer their questions. As a medium, spirit comes through fast when I channel for my clients who need guidance NOW! If you would like this service, then email me three questions, and I will reply to you by email or voice message (with an invoice) within the next 48 hours (unless I am unwell or on holiday). These readings are a lot of fun - truly providing some amazing guidance when we yearn for help on something very quickly. 

Healing Therapy

We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path,  
and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of  life. 


"Natalie has helped me to trust and find my voice, to stand up for myself and see myself with love. I think she is incredible and I recommend her to all of my friends and family. I always feel empowered after seeing her. She provides insights that have truly helped shift my energy. You won't find a better guide, healer or mentor than Nat!" 

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"I have been mentored by Natalie for the past 8months after learning how to do reiki with her 3years ago. Natalie is the teacher of teachers! She is kind and generous, helping me to expand my spiritual gifts, intuition and relationship with spirit. I love how grounded she is, how much she makes me laugh and how supported I feel by her".

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"Where do I even begin to write Natalie a review?! I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my daughter was born (now 8yrs). After seeing many people but never getting anywhere, I decided to try something different and that's when I went to see Natalie for the first time.

After my first session, I finally felt seen and understood. I was able to understand myself with compassion for the first time. Natalie is a humble healer, I am beyond grateful for her help".

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Natalie Seigne | Murwillumbah - Reiki, Energy Healer, Shaman
Natalie Seigne | NSW | Psychic, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Natalie Seigne | NSW| Psychic, Reiki, Energy Healing, Shamanic
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