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Natalie Seigne

Natalie Seigne - Shaman, breathwork, somatic therapy, energy healing, reiki, NSW,

Shaman - Spiritual Teacher - Intutive Healer - Psychic Medium & Breathwork Facilitator

Authentic Spiritual Guidance, Channelled  Wisdom, Soul Readings. Healings & Retreats



"I have been seeing Natalie for years! I am always recommending her services to my friends and family, there is nothing like Nat!  She is very down-to-earth and caring. She has always helped me to see new perspectives and guide me down a path that is truly in alignment with my highest good. You will never regret seeing Natalie, whether that's a session with her, a retreat or a workshop. She is the real deal!

From the heart  - Services
Held in-person / Online                 

I offer authentic soul sessions, woven with integrity and honesty. My heartfelt intention is to meet all of my clients exactly where they are at. Tailoring each session to individual needs, I always honour my clients with grounded guidance from their spirit team that helps them to get super-clear on their life, relationships and purpose. Each soul session is unique with it's own inutive flow, it is a beautiful journey of self discovery where your spirit will feel lifted, and your soul will feel nurtured. I value healing that is indepth and gentle, therefore sessions with me will never feel transactional. I am here to provide you with the care you deserve, the clarity and peace of mind that you deserve, and a loving space for you to heal.  I promise you will feel at ease, safe and fully witnessed during your session with me.  Soul sessions are deep dives into energy, spirit, vibrations, frequencies and alignment. Here, with help from your spirit team, I can help you to feel 'unstuck', to break negative cycles that drain your energy, find your purpose and walk forward in your life with a free-spirit, and a heart that is filled with hope and optimism.  During sessions we dive deeply, we get to see beyond the veil and below the layers, together we will experience illumination and welcome freedom, soul activations and joy. 

Sessions may include optional plant medicines where appropriate, sound healing, shamanic breathwork, channelling and trauma informed somatic healing - for central nervous system regulation and kundalini flow. All sessions include a clearing of the auric field, balancing of the chakras and a re-connection to Source. Plus so much more! 

I am looking forward to being part of your story!


Weaving together
ancient wisdom,
science & spirituality -
for holistic healing
of the whole person.

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Intuitive Soul Session

2 Hours | $275

Intuitive soul sessions are a beautiful mix of different spiritual tools and modalities, intertwined with love, to provide you with the support, guidance and healing that you are seeking. These sessions are a surrender to your spirit team, and are often really helpful when you know you need something to support you - you're just not too sure on what that 'something is'. Intuitive sessions are an invitation for your spirit team to guide your session, based on the needs and desires of your heart and soul. These sessions may include a combination of modalities including energy healing, channelling, mediumship, psychic readings, soul readings, shamanism, somatic healing, breathwork, light language, soul activiations and much more.  

When I faciliate these sessions for clients, I put faith and trust in the knowing that your spirit team - will already have a plan instore for your session. All you need to do is come with an open heart and open mind. There is always a great reverence for your openess and a gratefulness for your courage to come into session, to recieve the guidance and healing you deserve.  

Clients who feel an alignment with these sessions, are often looking for clarity, direction, and assistance with healing. Often clients are hoping to release the suffering in their minds and connect with loved who are passed over, and spirit guides.  Often clients come with broken hearts that need nurturing. Other clients experience a soul cravings to truly step onto their most rightgeous path so that they can live in alignment with their soul's plan and purpose. 

Welcoming seekers from all walks of life, whatever brings you to this work, I invite you to receive what you are seeking in these offerings. Some of my beloved clients come with pages of 'stuff' they want to get through, whilst others engage in sessions because they felt called and curious. Whatever leads you to book your session, you will be met with patience, honesty and reverence.  Sessions have the ability to open you up to where the extraordinary is found in the ordinary moments. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you! 

Sessions held online and inperson.

Shamanic Healing

2 Hours | $275

Shamanic Healing is an ancient wisdom and honestly, one of my deep, deep loves. Over the years I have witnessed profound healings in my clients who have experienced this type of work. This is where we get to work hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart with your spirit team to help release the energy of trauma, aching pains of the heart, ancesteral wounds, soul fragments and much more. During these sessions, I am able to 'see' beyond the mind, following the guidance of your spirit team - I can help you to come back to your heart, realease the past, and embody your power. During sessions we untangle energy, harmonise energy within your body, and help to release your nervous system.


Shamanic healing is a type of somatic healing, releasing emotions and energy from the body that may've been present for many years. Shamanic healing is a mixture of ancient healing and modern day science. There is a balance of masculine and feminine energy woven within this type of healing, where my clients are loving held as waves of light flow over and through them. As someone who can see energy clearly, it is an honour to watch. Often facintating and beyond what my mind can comprehend, these sessions always have their  own type of magic. We are often joined by spirit guides and passed over loved ones. During these sessions, I often shift into trance mediumship work, speaking ancient languages and channelling spirit guides.


Shamanic healings often include breathwork and optional plant medicine. They always include spirit medicine and deep energy work. 


Please note that given the nature of these sessions, these sessions can ethically only be held in person during 1:1 sessions, or retreats.  Even though many practitioners faciliate these sessions over zoom, I feel that in-person sessions provide the best opportunity to heal, honouring your soul with the integrity that you deserve. 


Spiritual Mentorship

2 Hours | $275

For the past few years, I have offered spiritual mentorship and guidance to people who desire to discover and trust their own intuitive and spiritual gifts. I love helping people to stand in their power, and connect with their own spirit, and their spirit team. I love helping people develop their psychic strengths and to assist with their path of spiritual awakening, liberation and deep-soul-truths. 

With me, I promise you will always recieve mentorship that is grounded and straight-up. I honour my own spirit by mentoring and teaching others with warmth and encouragement, yet never by-passing our human experience. I will always respect you enough to be honest with you, which includes, if I don't know something - I will not make it up or make assumptions. As a mentor, I utilise my ability to see energy, spirit and frequencies to help you activate and align with frequencies that you are a match for. I will speak directly to spirit team to ensure that our work together is always authentic, helping you to get past superficial spirituality and on-trend spirituality that is not based in truth.  

I have helped people who are totally new to the world of spirituality, but curious and ready to connect. As well as helping experienced practitioners who are already working in this field, to hone their craft and get even better at what they do. I am super-proud of so many of my mentee's, many are offering heartbased and authentic spiritual services to people around the globe. It feels very purposeful for me to help people in this way, especially as it relates so much to my own personal 'why' (see my 'about' page). 

I believe that each one of us has beautiful gifts and treasures within our soul, and I love helping people to discover theirs! This is about relationship to self, breaking patterns of hiding your skills, and allowing yourself to be of service to self and to others.  These sessions are often about claiming your own light unapologetically, connecting into your own power and opening your heart even wider. 

Intuitive Energy Healing & Reiki

1.5 Hours | $225

Gentle yet powerful, these sessions are for those who are seeking release of old energy, to move forward in their lives, to step into new chapters, and uplift their spirit. At times, we all feel like we need a little more love, to gift ourselves some nurturing, and to be held in energy that has no conditions, only to 'be' and recieve. These sessions are especially needed for clients who feel exhausted, who feel a craving within their heart for deeper connection to self, and to their spirit team. During these sessions I will clear your auric field of all weight, I will harmonise your chakras and connect your spirit into Source to open a flow of energy that will echo through and around as waves of light.


These sessions are focused on self-love, respect for self and honouring what you need and deserve. As everything is energy - including you, sometimes we pick up and hold energy that connects us to toxicity, old energy, people and relationships that do not serve us. During these sessions, we get to lovingly disconnect and re-align to frequency that are a true match for your vibration.  

Held in the beautiful Byron Bay, Hinterland on Bundajalung country - Higher Love Retreats are loving crafted for women with wild hearts and free-spirits, who want to rise up and claim their inner wholeness, truth and beauty.  These retreats are an intersection between the seen and unseen worlds. Helping you to live as your own oracle. During Higher Love Retreats you will come into reasonance and magnetism with who you really are, when this happens to you, your life will really begin to shift. 

If you been craving to attend a retreat that is gentle and tender, yet incredibly meaningful and full of deep insights, then these retreats will be for you. If you're seeking loving connection with yourself and others, then this retreat will offer you the opportunity to meet other women who share similar values. These retreats are for women who are spiritually seeking, curious and want to experience more love, more joy and authentic experiences. This is where you will be able to compassionately release the past, the old stories and the heart-ache, and create a new life garden. This is where your spirit will recieve a soul-revivial, where you'll see yourself with reverence. Where you'll step into your power unapologetically and treat yourself with the self-love and self-respect that you deserve. This is where your intution will begin to bloom.

Higher Love Retreats include optional plant medicines (this is not an ayahausca retreat), shamanic experiencing/journeying, spirit jams, dancing, ceremonies, sound healing, delicious, organic chef prepared meals, and a boutique venue that feels safe, cozy and full of love. I have created these retreats with you in my heart, this is where you can fully rest, and play.  As we step out of hustle culture, we step into full nourishment of mind, body and soul. For more details of your next retreat, please click here.

Healing Therapy
Sharing the Love ...  


"Natalie has helped me to trust and find my voice, to stand up for myself and see myself with love. I think she is incredible and I recommend her to all of my friends and family. I always feel empowered after seeing her. She provides insights that have truly helped shift my energy. You won't find a better guide, healer or mentor than Nat!" 



"I have been mentored by Natalie for the past 8months after learning how to do reiki with her 3years ago. Natalie is the teacher of teachers! She is kind and generous, helping me to expand my spiritual gifts, intuition and relationship with spirit. I love how grounded she is, how much she makes me laugh and how supported I feel by her".



"Where do I even begin to write Natalie a review?! I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my daughter was born (now 8yrs). After seeing many people but never getting anywhere, I decided to try something different and that's when I went to see Natalie for the first time.

After my first session, I finally felt seen and understood. I was able to understand myself with compassion for the first time. Natalie is a humble healer, I am beyond grateful for her help".


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