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Natalie Seigne | Fremantle, WA | Soul Alignment | Life Coach | Spirituality | Shamanic | Women's Empowerment
Natalie Seigne - Soul Coach. Intuitive Coach, Alignment Coach

If you're feeling stuck, if your soul feels like screaming, if your feeling trapped - it's probably time that you burnt down some boxes!

To live your fullest life you need to be prepared to burn down some boxes! You need to claim your light, your strength, and scream ‘enough!’ Take a jack hammer to those boxes, claim a fire in your belly and burn those boxes down. Sound agressive? YES! Freedom is being out of the box. And that is what you deserve! These are the boxes that keep you away from living the life that you are here to live. These are the boxes that keep you away from the mission in your soul, from alignment, from living with purpose and meaning. These are boxes that say you have to be ‘good’ to ‘fit in’, when you feel like a fraud in your own life.

There are some boxes that keep you feeling stuck. Others that keep you feeling safe (but your soul is screaming and suffocating! … but still, you tell yourself you’re okay. Or tomorrow you’ll burn the box. Do it TODAY!) There’s the box that hides your supernatural gifts (which you should be proud of!) There are other boxes with the rules plastered on them that you ‘have to’ act a certain way, BE a certain way. There are others that define you without YOU getting to define YOU. There are others with the false promise that ‘this is best’ even though your heart if hurting. Even if the box is pretty, even if it’s woven with gold – it’s still a box! And you are sacrificing your life force by staying in it. I don’t know about you - but I’m over it! I’m tearing down the walls of any boxes that don’t fit who I AM and I want you to do it too! You deserve better. You deserve to create your own life, to pave your own way. Life is for living - SO LIVE IT! (Thank you Passenger) What I know for sure is that if I live in a box, if you do, it’a gonna be one sad life. I want to live fully connected to my life force. I want to be dancing to the beat of my soul, in rhythm with the magic of life. How are you going to get outta the box? - Take charge of your life. Have you forgotten how powerful you are? Have you forgotten that you are a creator? Be courageous and say ‘no more’. - Be honest with yourself, what does your soul long for? Smash down the walls and go and do that thing!

- You have to know who you are to fully step out of any boxes that have incarcerated you? Connect with your passions, your fire .

- Don’t be afraid of who YOU are! So you’re loud - go be loud! So you’re weird - go be weird! So you’re not like ‘the others’ - f**king great!!! Go and rock you. If you’re a parent, don’t we owe it to our children to model a life worth living? A life of joy, of freedom? How do we expect our children to live from their soul if we cannot do it? Are we starting to build them a box? With best intentions – it’s still a box!

Do not let any old stories define you! Today is today, bring love and compassion to who you were in the past and what you’ve suffered - but close the chapters on the past. Don’t cling to them and the excuses - if you do you’re giving yourself permission to be boxed. I know there are times which hurt, that sucked, that you really suffered - today is NOT that day. Smash down those walls! Whose life is this!?!? Gosh - I have a fire in my belly to help people create the lives they dream of. Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of my clients change their lives, shift gears, smash the boxes and then burn em down! Aggressive? Yes. Unapologetically.

In my work I’ve seen so many of my clients suffer in the box the trauma has created for them, that their mind has created. I’ve seen boxes moulded with the mortar of shame and guilt. Is it possible to get out of these boxes and claim life? Yes – absolutely! I’ve seen soul’s incarcerated; I’ve offered my hand of light to those soul’s, I’ve opened portals so they can change their lives and shift the box. It works – but it only works if you’re willing to step out of the box with me. If you’re brave enough to know that you matter, that you f**king matter! (Sorry, not sorry for the swearing!) You matter do! You matter so much! And you deserve to live without any boxes. Now is the time to unlock the door. All you need to do is say -YES! Go be you! Screw the boxes! Burn that shit down! It’s time to own your AWESOME!

I believe in you and damn-straight, I can see your light. If you join me for a soul session or online workshop – YES – I’m taking out of the boxes!

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