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Do you believe desire is a bad thing? Is it safe for you to desire? Are you worthy of what you desire?

There are many spiritual beliefs that we take on to enrich our lives in hope of becoming a better person, more enlightened and closer to Source. However, there are a number of these beliefs that can hold us back from our wholeness and from creating our dream life and relationships. Let’s look at desire as an example. Desire is aligned to the 2nd chakra wheel.

Many of my clients have taken on the belief that if they seek external desire – say a new car, a new outfit, another holiday, (things that may be judged as materialistic) that this is an indicator that they are not doing the inner work.

However, this type of thinking can really limit our way of being and elicit the inner critic. Creating guilt or anxiety if we purchase or desire something. Often leading to shame and remorse. The often endorsed spiritual belief that internal contentment is where it’s, can exasperate unworthiness. Not spiritual elevation.

Whilst I agree that materialistic over consumption is often caused by deeper issues, withholding all your desires is a form of self-suffering that will only assist elevation of the ‘I’m not worthy story’.

This lowers our vibration and causes the 2nd chakra to shut down. Within reason, there is nothing shameful about desire. It is desire that becomes the magnet for money, abundance and deep relationships. The law of resonance/attraction is through desire and worthiness.

The intention of this blog is to encourage you to embrace your desires and not be ashamed of these feelings, actioning these desires where appropriate. It is safe and you are worthy of goal setting your external, ‘materialistic’ desires. These may be sexual, sensual or simply stuff that makes you feel good.

Sometimes it is important to re-assess what we are being told in good faith because it simply is not always accurate.

With Love,

Natalie xxx

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