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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE THROAT CHAKRA - balancing your head & heart.

The opening of your throat chakra is vital to ensure that you are able to communicate effectively with yourself and others. When it's not open, it is impossible to anchor into your truth and balance the energy between masculine and feminine energy.

Learn how to open your throat chakra ...

This week I have spent a lot of time with clients opening up blocked throat chakra's. I feel the most important role that the throat chakra plays, is enabling a person to communicate truthfully with themselves. By truthfully, I mean - listening to both their head and heart and being able to follow, action and voice what 'feels' right to them. You can only have a strong connection with yourself, if your throat chakra is open.

If your throat is blocked, it will cause a disconnection from your soul, from your heart. It can mean that feelings of anxiety are exasperated (because the head is loud and the language of the heart is soft or silenced). If you can not communicate with yourself effectively, you cannot communicate with others effectively. As always, your relationship with yourself is reflected in your relationship with others.

Often, the throat chakra becomes blocked because of fear, which can manifest in many different ways. The throat chakra can become blocked as a result of the mind protecting itself, trying to block feelings in the heart so that they do not have to be felt. This happens a lot for people who try to push their feelings away, for those who are trying to 'be strong' for others - who are choosing not to feel emotions which could cause an assumed vulnerability. When we feel small, when we feel unworthy, when we lose our strength - our throat chakra will begin to close up. Often causing a somatic, felt response.

When the throat is open and balanced, the voice of a person will come from their belly. The pitch changes. It comes from a strong sense of identity, a sense of righteousness. All forms of communication will not be triggered by the ego, but from a sense of truth and calm, strength. Which is my favourite way to feel.

When I am in session with people, I can shift and move energy to open up and balance their throat and other energy centres. However, since I'm all about personal empowerment and providing tools for people, I've been asking spirit to share with me ways that you can open up your throat chakra on your own.

The truth is, that when I received the strongest answer from spirit, I was hesitant to share it because I know a lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable with it. The truth is, to open your throat chakra - you need to use your voice. And by using your voice, I mean you need to sing, hum, chant or make natural tribal noises that come from deep within you, intuitively. Your soul, it has a song, I guarantee it. Keep in mind that your song may not be words and it will most likely arise from you when you are happy and content. Sing in the car - as loud as you want, sing when you cook, sing when you garden, sing, sing, sing ... allow your voice to be stronger than any fear.

For those of us who are embarrassed by our voices, or get shy, we need to gently open ourselves up to our voice. It doesn't have to be loud. If you're a lover of singing, this will totally work for you! Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you can't sing, your soul will respond the strongest to the sound of you. Your voice is the best frequency for balancing your energy and opening up your throat chakra.

A really wonderful way to open up your throat chakra is to learn how to chant OM, using your throat like a wave. I often tell people to check out the Deva Premal album on Spotify (21 Days of Mantra), because the first track will teach you how to pronounce the OM. This is a seed sound, not only opening up your throat, it will also connect your to source energy.

If you are really struggling to open your throat, especially if you can feel how tight it is, or if you are struggling with anxiety or depression - you can always come and see me. Once it's open you can begin experimenting with tools to keep you connected to you, your communication open and the balance between your head (masculine energy) and heart (feminine) open and in harmony.

You can also check out my mantra workshops, where as a group, we will explore and play with mantra, seed sounds, and frequencies that heal.

With Love,

Natalie Seigne

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