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Natalie Seigne

Natalie Seigne - Shaman, breathwork, somatic therapy, energy healing, reiki, NSW,

Shaman - Spiritual Teacher - Intutive Healer - Psychic Medium & Breathwork Facilitator

Authentic Spiritual Guidance, Channelled  Wisdom, Soul Readings. Healings & Retreats

Shamanic Healer Natalie

“Natalie's guidance has helped me to shift my life in the most profound ways. If you're looking for someone who is the real deal - you will not regret having a soul session with, Natalie.” Katie J


I'm so glad that you've found your way here ... 

It is honestly so lovely to have you here, my biggest warmest welcome. Within the pages of this website, may you uncover the spiritual services that resonate with the deepest desires of your heart and soul. I am a guide on this spiritual journey—a shaman, a spiritual teacher, an intuitive healer, a breathwork facilitator, a somatic trauma therapist, a professional psychic medium, and a retreat leader. My joy lies in assisting others, and I truly believe that those who find their way to my services are destined to do so.

In my offerings, I provide powerful, compassionate, and soulful sessions, both in-person and online. My intention is to be a beacon of truth, weaving authentic spiritual services with utmost integrity. I specialise in helping people navigate the deeper waters of life, so that they can rise up and claim their wholeness, truth and beauty. I assist my clients to gain clarity, shift their life, heal from trauma, open up to the treasures within their soul, connect to their own magnificence, soul purpose and so much more! These sessions serve as your guiding light, especially when your inner compass feels stuck amidst life's stormy waters, you will be gently guided by your spiritual support team at the intersection of the seen and unseen worlds.

This is not talk therapy - this is soul therapy. This is holistic healing - where you will discover that you are the map.  Yes, we can untangle energetic chords that have kept you stuck. Yes, you can disconnect from the pain of the past, and create a life of meaning, love, happiness and incredible relationships. Yes, you can transform your life, create abundance and recieve wisdom. Yes, you can connect more deeply with your own spirit and those around you. Yes, you can explore your own spiritual gifts and learn how to really trust yourself. Yes, you can completely shift and transform your vibration, your life, your energy. We can break old patterns, release old cycles and welcome in new and exciting opportunities.

This is a time for you to love yourself loudly, retreive your sparkle and receive the soul guidance that your heart yearns for.  You will discover that you are made of spirit, you are made of the devine, you are devinity, you are the embodiment of this.  

Connecting you to your Spiritual Support Team
for clarity, guidance & healing.

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I can help you to navigate the deeper waters of life -
so that you can rise up &
claim your inner wholeness, truth & beauty.
Offerings & Services
Intuitive Soul Session   (2 hours)                                            $275
Natalie Seigne NSW Energy Healer Reiki Shamanic Plant medicine Breathwork Somatic Therapist

Book this session if you're not sure what to book. Intuitive soul sessions can flow in multiple directions, we will be guided by your friends in the spirit world, energy and your own heartfelt intentions. This is the perfect session to book if you want to connect deeply to yourself and loved ones on the other side, including spirit guides. Helping you to feel at ease, to feel loved, to have a clear path, to recieve the guidance you desire, and the healing. During intuitive soul sessions we can focus on many areas of your life, including life path and purpose. These sessions can also be a deep-dive into trauma recovery and breaking of unhealthy patterns. Sessions are an open book, without rigid structure we are free to explore what your heart and soul needs.  Sessions held in person and online.

Natalie Seigne NSW Shaman Healer spiritual teacher psychic spiritual guidance spiritual teacher
Natalie Seigne NSW spiritual guidance healing healer spiritual teacher shaman plant medicine
Natalie Seigne NSW Reiki energy healing healer breathwork somatic therapist shaman
Shamanic Healing        (2 hours)                                            $275

Shamanic Healing with or without breathwork, is deeply tranformative. Weaving science and spirituality together, shamanic healing is a holistic and ancient healing modality. Combining somatic healing with spiritual healing where we lovingly request your spirit team to assist with the healing of soul fragments, trauma, ancesteral wounds, relationship wounds and to help to discover and rejuvenate the beauty of your soul. Shamanic healing will help you if you are feeling stuck, lost, wanting to release old stories and find your true north. These sessions may include optional plant medicines. Sessions held in person and online.

Spiritual Mentorship   (2 hours)                                            $275

1:1 Spiritual Mentorship is offered if you are seeking to develop your intuitive and spiritual gifts with a teacher who you feel really 'gets you'. You can understand and trust your gifts, expanding them with joy. As you gain clarity into your unique gifts, you will create greater ease, connection and confidence.  If you are seeking to up-level your energy, connect to your friends in spirit or open your heart up further to your own spirit - I would feel honoured to share this journey with you. Mentorships are for beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners. 

Sessions held in person and online.

Intuitive Energy Healing & Reiki   (1.5 hours)                             $225

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing modality. Focused on clearing dense energy, releasing blocked or stagnant energy, clearing the auric field, balancing the chakras and reconnecting life-force. Reiki is a beautiful way to restore your energy and power, cut negative chords and release old stories. Sessions held in person and online.

Why work with me?   

I love what I do, and I feel honoured and blessed to walk alongside all of my beloved clients. I am an experienced guide, here to support you as you navigate the labyrinth of self discovery, providing wisdom and encouragement along the way. 

I am not a 'newbie' to spiritual offerings with over 3,500 clients globally. I facilitate deep sessions with my clients, always in crystal clear energetic fields. Many of my clients come to me through word of mouth, although many are still led to these offerings via energetic match and alignment. 

Sessions are always grounded and never by-pass our humaness. Together, we will be working with energy and spirit, in a safe and kind way - helping you to feel at ease and open in your mind and heart. 

I am energetic match for people who are ready to change their lives, to see beyond the veil, who know they deserve something better - even if they don't know what that is. I help people to live, to really LIVE. By creating harmony in their spirit and central nervous system, your past does not get to dictate your future. Work with me if you want to say a big fat YES to life, to recieve the love and joy you deserve. To free yourself and smile from the inside out. 

Natalie Seigne NSW Healer Spiritual Teacher Shaman Retreats Breathwork Somatic Therapist Reiki Byron Bay
Natalie Seigne NSW Women's Retreat Byron Bay Plant Medicine Shamanic  Breathwork Healer Spiritual Teacher Reiki
Sharing the Love ...  


"Natalie has helped me to trust and find my voice, to stand up for myself and see myself with love. I think she is incredible and I recommend her to all of my friends and family. I always feel empowered after seeing her. She provides insights that have truly helped shift my energy. You won't find a better guide, healer or mentor than Nat!" 

Natalie Seigne Healer Breathwork Somatic Shaman Energy Healer Retreat NSW Spiritual Teacher



"I have been mentored by Natalie for the past 8months after learning how to do reiki with her 3years ago. Natalie is the teacher of teachers! She is kind and generous, helping me to expand my spiritual gifts, intuition and relationship with spirit. I love how grounded she is, how much she makes me laugh and how supported I feel by her".

Natalie Seigne NSW Spiritual Teacher Breathwork Reiki Shaman Plant Medicine Breathwork Reiki Retreat Byron Bay NSW


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Murwillumbah, NSW

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"Where do I even begin to write Natalie a review?! I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my daughter was born (now 8yrs). After seeing many people but never getting anywhere, I decided to try something different and that's when I went to see Natalie for the first time.

After my first session, I finally felt seen and understood. I was able to understand myself with compassion for the first time. Natalie is a humble healer, I am beyond grateful for her help".

Natalie Seigne NSW Shaman Reiki Healer Energy Breathwork


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