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Natalie Seigne

Natalie Seigne - Murwillumbah | Spirit-Medium | Psychic | Channelling

Reiki Master, Energy Healer,  Shaman & Psychic-Medium
Transformative Spiritual Guidance,  Channelled  Wisdom & Soul Readings

In-person & Online Sessions


" Natalie has helped me so much over the years! Recently she helped me to connect to my cousin, who sadly passed 2years ago. For the first time in a long time, I belly laughed with her as my cousin came through in spirit. My beautiful cousin was like a sister to me and I have been feeling so much grief around her passing. Knowing that she is happy and watching over my children has helped so much".  

Expand your relationship with yourself -
Develop your intuitive gifts!

Spiritual Mentorship

Natalie Seigne | NSW | Psychic - Healer | Medium | Channelling

If you're looking to form a deeper relationship with yourself, your spirituality and your intuitive gifts - then mentorship could be just what you're looking for!

Awakening and walking a spiritual path can be such a blessing, we get to experience the world in wonderful ways and perceive things that are unique and out of the ordinary. However, it can be discombobulating and seem fractured and confusing. The path can be lonely without support, we can yearn for someone who sees us, and gets what we are going through 

Natalie Seigne | Murwillumbah | Psychic
Natalie Seigne | Murwillumbah | Spirit-Medium | Healer
Natalie Seigne | NSW | Spirit-Medium | Psychic
'Death is an illusion. The soul never dies. 
We are all souls having a human experience, not the other way around'.

James Van Prague

How do spirits communicate with us?

Spirits will communicate with the medium in many ways depending on the clair or clairs that is most developed in the medium; clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognising feelings), and claircognizance (knowing).  A medium may use one of or all of his or her clairs. The clairs that I personally use often are clairsentience and claircognizance. Often, I use clairvoyance, but this is mainly to shift, clear energy and witness what frequency a spirit is coming from (there are many).  

Spirits communicate with mediums by using the experiences and memories of the medium to create meaning. This is why having a ‘conversation’ with a spirit can be a little confusing and need a little detective work. Spirits use symbols which they mentally offer to the medium, creating meaning for the client. Sometimes this is woven with smells and tastes and other types of intuition. I have learnt over the years that spirits have the same personality when they pass, as when they lived. Although, many have learnt the error of their ways, often a spirit will apologise for their earthly behaviour. Spirits go through their own healing process when they pass, often with the help of their guides and loved ones in spirit who passed before they did.  Their perception has often shifted – this always makes me laugh. Especially when I have older gentlemen come through in spirit form who truly thought that all mediumship and psychic phenomena were a hoax when they were living. I always smile when these spirits come through. There is usually a sense of ‘if I only I knew then when I know now’.

My Boundaries - Spirit Mediumship

I have clear boundaries as a medium. I only work with spirits who my grandfather (in spirit form) allows to come through. My grandfather acts like a bouncer, checking out the spirits before he lets them come into sessions. He has never allowed a spirit to communicate with me that could cause suffering. For this, I am extremely grateful. When he was living, he worked in the military. He is a massive Polynesian spirit,  looking quite scary, stoic, and strong - yet he has a gentle and kind heart. He is with me as a form of protection. When he was living, he was also a man of few words.

I also have boundaries around how I want spirit to communicate with me. For many mediums, they re-experience the death of the spirit who comes forward in some way. For me, I have clearly said that I do not want to experience this in my body or being. Whilst mediums do this for validation, I find it too painful emotionally, so I have put up boundaries around this. The last time I re-experienced a death, it was a drowning. Re-experiencing death, albeit often a loving death, is not something that I feel is necessary. 


What spirit want you to know ...

Natalie Seigne | Murwillumbah | NSW | Shaman, Energy Healer, Reiki

Many spirits want their loved ones to know that they are always around them, guiding them and sending them signs. They long to stay connected to their loved ones on earth and are often asking my clients to talk to them. This brings them close to your own vibration. It helps with the healing. Sometimes those living try to push away their grief by ignoring it and pushing away memories of their loved one who has passed. This only perpetuates suffering.


Spirits are always telling people that they are no longer suffering, and that they have reconnected with others. They often speak about feeling free from pain, from being proud of their loved ones and sometimes, they offer apologies for their behavior on earth. Often spirits will talk about the pets that they are reacquainted with, with places they have been and things they have experienced. 

Natalie Seigne | Murwillumbah | NSW | Reiki & Energy Healer
1.5 Hours

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing modality. Focused on clearing dense energy, releasing blocked or stagnant energy, clearing the auric field, balancing the chakras and reconnecting life-force. Reiki is a beautiful way to restore your energy and power, cut negative chords and release old stories.

Psychic Reading, Soul Session, Spiritual Counselling, Life Coach
2-2.5 Hours

Intuitively woven together to provide you with exactly what you need, even if you are not sure what that is. Providing you with clear guidance, soul medicine and channelled wisdom specific to your path. These sessions may include - shamanic healing, intuitive healing, and psychic mediumship. And much more! 

Natalie Seigne | Spiritual Guidance | Shamanic Healing
1.5 Hours

For people wanting to expand their healing, spiritual and intuitive gifts. Sessions support the journey of your soul - so you can expand your abilities and consciousness. Mentoring is for seekers who have a yearning to discover more about themselves and be of service to others.   

It is a gift to be able to  connect to our loved ones in  spirit form.  
Your loved one will never leave you, consistently  sending you messages of love. 

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"My Nan passed over 1 year ago today. Whilst I loved her very much, we had a very difficult relationship. When she came through in my session, she apologised for her behaviour towards me when she was here on earth. I didn't realise how much I was carrying from that relationship. With Natalie's help, I was able to forgive her, and now I feel so much stronger. Plus  I know Nan feels stronger too".



Natalie Seigne | NSW | Reiki & Shamanic Healer
Natalie Seigne | Psychic | Shaman | Shamanic
Natalie Seigne | Shaman | NSW | Reiki
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