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Ancestral trauma & Our Beautiful Children

Sometimes what I experience in sessions with my incredible clients, and the wisdom that comes through from Spirit - conflicts with current scientific understandings.

Recently, I met a gorgeous, warm-hearted woman who is currently heavily pregnant with her second child. Her request was to see if we could connect with the spirit of her unborn child. What followed was a deep, heartfelt connection between this lovely woman and her new blessing.

My client had been concerned that his child would take on the ancestral trauma that was not yet healed within the family line. What was incredible about this session and communication was that the spirit of this child clearly stated that she would not be taking on this burden. Her soul literally said 'no'.

When we asked why and how this could be, the child's spirit replied that when her father held her in his arms and looked into her eyes, the narrative in his mind that perpetuated his own wounds would immediately dissolve. As if to convey, that the story and beliefs that he had been telling himself that kept him stuck in turmoil, he would realise - were not based in truth. A fabrication of a false belief of the mind. The energy of this pain would then dissolve for him.

Now given the research on DNA expression and epigenetics - what this lovely little girl in spirit told us - can conflict with alot of contemporary scientific beliefs. It's always interesting, often confronting, the information that comes through from the spirit world.

I am in no way discrediting current scientific beliefs, like everything - I just feel there is so much that we do not know. Isn't it the truth that the more we know, the less we know? Nothing seems to be absolute, especially within spiritual realms and wisdom - there is ever shifting and evolving knowledge.

I believe that some souls do take on ancestral trauma deliberately, these souls have an inner knowing and soul purpose of assisting to heal ancestral trauma. It is always interesting to look into family dynamics, it is often easy to pick the strong soul that does take this and is led to healing this in their own way. It is seldomly easy.

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